Sep 25, 2018 DJI Spark – In my opinion the perfect personal use drone

DJI Spark – In my opinion the perfect personal use drone

Like most people I was super eager to get my hands on a DJI drone.

My heart wanted the best, from the Mavic Pro to the new Mavic Air but my brain constantly reminded me that I’m not going to be making huge productions and don’t require 4k video. The reality is that the 1080p the Spark offered was much more that what I will ever need for private use and the odd facebook/instagram post.

The next surprise I got was the refurbished offer from DJI. What a bargain, you pretty much receive a brand new drone at a 30% reduced price. It was boxed and packaged exactly like a new drone. If the box didn’t have a sticker on the side indicating that it was refurbished I would have never known.

Now to clarify… at the time of purchase I (SMART MART) wasn’t a DJI distributor. I paid full price (refurbished price) for my purchase and by no means receive any fee to promote the drone whatsoever.

This purchase is what motivated me to secure the distribution rights, these drones are absolutely phenomenal and the quality of the footage from such a small toy like drone is mind blowing.
This is my experience with the Spark, I can at this point only imagine the quality of the Mavic range.

Keep an eye on our instagram feed, I will occasionally share a picture or video (as predicted I don’t use it as much as I promised my wife I would).
You are very welcome to contact me via our contact us page for any additional info or feedback on the Spark. I’m still discovering new features every time I use it but very willing to share my experience.

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