Welcome to our site. We are a South African based (Cape Town) online business bringing you products from currently local and in future international suppliers directly to your doorstep.

Some Background

This shop was established in 2010 by Kowus Pelser. The founder of Smart Mart has been in the IT industry from 2000 with a very wide level of experience across numerous platforms. For more information on the owner you are welcome to visit his personal site https://kowuspelser.com/

This store was established to provide a gateway for friends and clients to access products directly and easily. The site was simplified to make things as easy as possible. Our product range starts at IT based products  but also includes home ware and in the future outdoor products. Over the years we’ve established strong partnerships with suppliers and importers and do aim to bring you top quality at reasonable prices.

We are able to afford you great deals as a result of keeping our overheads extremely low, thus not offering a physical retail space with our own stock holding. We are directly linked with our suppliers stock control and ship directly from their stock holding to your doorstep.

In addition to this store we do have a number of related stores and initiatives for products outside of this scope should you be interested.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any complaints or questions.